Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP)


- Managed Forest Plans
- Approvals for Managed Tax Incentive Program (MNR)
- Restoration/Rehabilitation/Naturalization Plans

Services provided by Forest Management Consulting & Tree Service

Management Plans for MFTIP

- Forest Management Consulting and Tree Services develop Forest Management Plans
for landowners of property that contains 10 acres or greater of forested land.
- The benefit of this service is a 75% property tax reduction under the MFTIP for you and a management plan for your land. Your management plan is customized to your objectives for your land.
- The duration of the management plan is 20 years and is required to be updated at the 10 year mark of the management plan. You can leave the MFTIP at any time.
- Management objectives you can develop for your property can include conservation management resulting is preserving habitats and tree planting as well as management for harvest resulting in tree marking by one of provincially certified tree markers.

Arborist reports and Tree Service

- Arborist report for Development and Non-Development projects
- Information about Municipal Tree Protection by-law and advice
- Integrated Pest Management Control
- Hazard Tree Condition
- City, Parks, Ravine and Private Tree by law permits applications
- Restoration/Replacement /Planting Plan
- Tree Protection Plan
- Tree Removal, Pruning and Health tree assessment
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